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 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  What features will be added to the upcoming mySDA (my Sales Data Analyzer)?
  1. Get sales+trials info just like the current Analyzer... and more!
  2. Register for your free mySDA account
  3. Login from any web browser from anywhere, anytime
  4. Upload your sales data files in CSV or tabbed-data format
  5. Generate and cache reports for any region(s) and time period(s)
  6. Auto-calculate sales/trials ratios
  7. Auto-calculate payment info based on sales data (price * quantity)
  8. Generate charts of various sizes
  9. Add annotations for milestones: release, patches, price change, etc
  10. Choose which reports you want to share (or not)
  11. Export chart graphics for easy download
  12. Export spreadsheet data for offline viewing
  13. Export PDF of sales reports
  14. Compare your own games against each other
  15. Compare your own games against your competition (if they choose to share)

What ongoing features are being added to the current Sales Data Analyzer?
  1. DONE: Sales by country + Stacked column chart
  2. DONE: Allow tab-delimited text data, not just CSV
  3. DONE: Trim data by trimming start/end dates
  4. DONE: Show totals per country
  5. DONE: View running Total of downloads/sales
  6. DONE: Chart showing running total

What is the status of each known/reported issue?
  1. FIXED: Each date is treated as a string(and is sorted as such)
  2. FIXED: Missing dates are ignored in graph
  3. FIXED: Multiple values for same date need to be stacked.
  4. FIXED: Game code downloads conflict with trial downloads
  5. FIXED: Multiple game prices shown separately
  6. FIXED: Radio buttons + dropdown confusing
  7. FIXED: Diff prices for same country, same day, causes issues
  8. Quirky behavior when saving chart image (WORKAROUND*)

* On iPad, press chart to Save Image. On computer browser,
right-click then Copy Image to paste elsewhere. The
right-click-then-save feature doesn't seem to
work well with this temporary chart graphic. (for now)
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